Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fundraising for Presidents: A Guide

My monograph, "Fundraising for Presidents: A Guide," is now available on the Academic Impressions website.  For readers of my blog and attendees of my seminars and classes, this is what you have asked and encouraged me to do so many times -- to develop a comprehensive guide on my philosophy of advancement that includes various cases studies and specific illustrations of how to implement key concepts.  I have written the monograph for presidents since the ultimate responsibility for advancement falls on their shoulders, and because they are often met, upon assuming the office, with myths, stereotypes or reductive notions about the field.  This monograph, then, seeks to give them a sensible and satisfying unifying theory of advancement and to demonstrate how sustainable communities of support can be built in systematic fashion through the employment of sophisticated, research-based strategies. The work incorporates and builds upon the ideas and innovations I have shared with you in recent years.  I am very grateful for your support and dedicate this work to you.